我们在广泛的工具和配件中有一些聪明的小助手,这会使您的缝纫项目变得轻而易举。正确的标记笔和铅笔,剪刀,针头,测量工具,刀具和刀具将为您节省很多时间,并帮助您在没有头痛的情况下实现所需的结果!我们有适合所有预算的物品,因此,无论您是刚开始还是溅到您一直想要的那些剪刀上,您都可以在这里找到您想要的东西。Handy compact sewing kits for when you’re on the move and starter sewing kits also feature in this super handy section of the site along with must have clothing care and repair tools such as darners and lint shavers to keep your favourite wardrobe items looking ultra sharp and smart.